Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shedding qiviut

Safe to say the Austin Public Library has held tightly onto the city's slogan "Keep Austin Weird". The man at the computer next to me is engaging in perpetual laughter while fondling the monitor. Only to bletch does he dare release his digital sweetheart, turning his head as to not taint the relationship with particles of bile and stench. 

Seems as though we'll be posting up in Austin for the next couple months. Vanessa's knee refuses to cooperate with the weight she pulls and the terrain we're riding through. From Little Rock to Marshall, Texas. We met a lot of dogs in Arkansas and Texas. Most of them chased us. Only one incident involved mase. After that we tried to ride along the highway as much as possible. Traffic was sparse. In town w/ populations of 194, we encountered more dogs than cars. Spent Christmas in a tent on the shore of Caddo Lake (the only "natural" lake in Texas) complete with Cypress trees and Spanish Moss. Saw my first live armadillo searching for grubs. Among other sights and sounds, we rode past this headed toward the birthplace of beloved president William Jefferson Clinton (Hope, Arkansas):
Flying to Chile in early March is the tentative plan. Austin is a second chance to see Swans (i missed the detroit show) and we also caught The Holy Mountain at the Alamo Drafthouse last night. Easy to bike and loads of delicious vegetarian//vegan food. The 60-70 degree weather over the past few days doesn't hurt either.

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