Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"it's a Koro reference"

What's what is now what it should be. Took the ride;twice. Detroit to Springfield, IL. The blasting of colour, the peacing of punk. All the familiarity makes me anxious. Train from Springfield to Little Rock, AR. Southern slang under an overhead fan sounds like a foreign language. Verbal dyslexia with a proper noun epiphany. "Ish ton ni eht dining car, tub ni eht snack car. ahahahah". I could listen to it all night. "You know who talked me out of it? The cricket".Arrived around 3:45 am and tried to sleep in the train station. Old timey urinals laid within:

Bikes reassembled. Tomorrow we leave Little Rock.

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  1. whats up doggy. andrew got your bass all fixed up. she is looking real fly. there is this flashy white pick guard now and i find myself doing a double take often. we play our first show this friday as the quartet. andrew is breaking his back to learn fences. you are a wizard man. hope you and v had an amazing x-mas in a tent. peas and carrots!